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Dublin Airport Authority – daa (originally known as Aer Rianta International) opened the first duty free store in the world more than six decades ago. daa operates Dublin and Cork airports in Ireland and has significant overseas businesses through its ARI and daa International subsidiaries.

Dublin and Cork airports are the two largest airports in the Republic of Ireland, welcoming a combined 27.1 million passengers in 2015. ARI is a leading international travel retailer, with operations in 10 countries and also hold the Group’s 20% stake in Düsseldorf Airport. daa International is an airport management, aviation advisory services and training business.

Pat Kennedy, IT and Business Process Manager, said:

There is one fundamental reason why ARI has chosen LS NAV with K3 Retail as its standard solution: because, simply, it works.

With LS NAV powering them, ARI duty free shops can easily:

  • Capture boarding card and passport information manually or by scanner.
  • Calculate tax and tax refund based on different variables.
  • Handle STEB bags.
  • Offer shop & collect at return.
  • Calculate and accept payments in many currencies.
  • Customise to meet local fiscal and custom demands.
  • Sell both as duty free and duty paid in the same location.