7 Key trends shaping retail in 2020 - K3

Retail finding confidence with technology

Retailers have been under pressure for some years as digital has taken hold and forced them to undertake challenging transformations of their business models. But the industry has now come to recognise that digital technologies are absolutely fundamental to their future success and this has gone hand in hand with a growing level of confidence.

Physical stores have been fighting to justify their place alongside a transcendent online channel but there has been a gradual reassessment of late that a much more complementary approach must be taken as consumers undertake increasingly fluid cross-channel shopping journeys.

This ebook looks at the 7 key trends set to shape retail in 2020 based on the presentations delivered, and the technologies showcased, at Retail’s Big Show, organised by the National Retail Federation (NRF), in New York City. We highlight how retailers are today growing more comfortable with forging strategies across their channels and increasingly understand how to maximise the value of operating technology and stores in seamless unison.

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