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The future of high streets will very much be determined by a combination of localised offerings, a high level of personalization, and more service-led propositions, as opposed to simply identikit shops looking to sell consumers more commoditised stuff.

Neatly fitting into this template-for-the-future is the barbershop. I personally had not really considered them as a key component of the high street until I took at look at some research from   grooming brand Bluebeards Revenge. It found that 95% of men stated that they visit the high street to visit their barbershop, which beats even the pub, with 76% of men visiting their high street for this reason.

I’m firmly in the camp of visiting the pub more frequently than the barbershop but for a growing number of men the frequency of visits to their local barbers has increased dramatically. With many more shorter styles now popular and a greater focus on male grooming the survey found that a hefty 93% of men visit their barbershop at least once per month, as many as 33% visit fortnightly, and 10% even make the trip every week (just like my grandmother used to).

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