Armani Exchange - K3

Customer focus for club 21 | Armani Exchange

Customers are demanding and expect a certain level of service excellence. Club 21 | Armani Exchange know that customer service, speed and transparency is important and are focused on the customer experience from the moment of walking into the store until leaving. The new system allows staff to maximise on the final transaction by gathering information at the till point. Club 21 | Armani Exchange actively encourage their staff to interact with customers as they believe this is part of their USP.

Club 21 is a luxury retail company experienced in wholesale, distribution, brand guardianship and direct retail, having worked with over 250 luxury partners. In the UK they have been running Armani Exchange for the past 10 years, across 12 stores. Armani Exchange comes with the prestige of the Armani name, positioning themselves as high end high street with the main focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The challenge for Club 21 | Armani Exchange
With a 10-year-old system, Club 21 | Armani Exchange recognised that their existing platform could not handle the increased pace and complexity of its business requirements. With the customer at the forefront of their every move, it was hindering their ability to respond to customers’ needs. Disparate and fragmented systems meant inefficiencies, delays in responding and room for errors. The high level of customer service is what enables Club 21 | Armani Exchange to retain loyal customers. They needed to move forward with a system that could bring them up to date, and allow their stores to operate smoothly and effectively providing speed, agility and a real-time overview.

K3s benefits for Club 21 | Armani Exchange

  • Invaluable knowledge and understanding of the sector
  • A fully integrated solution providing complete visibility of the business
  • IT Platform to support business changes
  • Streamlining processes & Improved efficient customer service
  • Easy to use, familiar Microsoft platform