British Heart Foundation positioning itself for a healthy future - K3

British Heart Foundation goes for Rapid Growth and continued investment in retail operations

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) Retail Division has grown rapidly since it was founded just over 30 years ago, and although it could to a limited degree continue to manage with its existing technology infrastructure, its management recognises that overhauling its EpoS systems to best-in-class will position it for a much brighter future.

The organisation recently embarked on a comprehensive technology project with K3 – Retail Management System Programme (RMSP) – overseen by Mike Taylor, Retail Director at BHF, which will ensure it stays competitive in the retail marketplace.

“We could just about manage to get through with our current systems – if the world did not change – but the fact is it’s changing so much that we need to have a product that can cope with all that is happening.
We believe Microsoft Dynamics delivered by Microsoft gold partner K3 as a combination will give us the resources to embrace the new opportunities that are coming up in the next 10 years and beyond. The new system will position us as best-in-class and keep us there,” he explains.

Continually investing

Part of the reason BHF has managed to grow much bigger than other often more longer-established charity retailers is because it has continually invested in the retail operation and the RMSP project is a reflection of its desire to continue to set the pace in charity retail thought leadership.

Complexity of business

This is certainly a big challenge as the organisation has a high level of complexity. It comprises 730 outlets of which the footprint goes from as little as 500 sq ft up to a seriously large 15,000 sq ft. Of these outlets 560 are high street Shops offering a core mix of clothing, accessories, DVDs and books and 175 are large furniture stores that include former Woolworths,  CO-OP food stores and BHS units as well as retail park sites.

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