Joseph - K3

Joseph takes supply chain management to a higher level

Luxury fashion label, Joseph, has appointed K3 to help them improve the management and delivery of the highest levels of quality and customer-centered service. With a complex supply chain – which includes selecting and buying hand-picked luxurious fabrics for use in their designer portfolio – Joseph wanted to build stronger systems to promote greater central control and efficiencies to their supply chain management.

Zoe Wither, Finance Director at Joseph said,

Central to our operational philosophy is our insistence on quality. We want to know that when a customer picks up a Joseph item, no matter whether this is from a physical or online store, they can be confident that they are getting the very best product possible.Through tight management of the supply chain, we can pay attention to details such as the fabrics, cuts, style and stitching of our ready-to-wear collections, while still being able to grow and provide exquisite customer service.

K3 Sales Director, John Little, explained:

We spent time getting to know Joseph and to really understand their business and how best we could support them in their strategic aims. They made it clear that a seamless multichannel approach – where their customers can enjoy equally high levels of service and product quality no matter where or how they choose to shop – was of vital importance.Running alongside this was the need to ensure consistent levels of quality, where nothing of a lower level could slip through. We are pleased that our multichannel model was a perfect fit and we look forward to building on our strong relationship with Joseph.

With K3’s specialist retail technology solution with LS Retail built on Microsoft Dynamics, Joseph is able to enjoy full product traceability. This means the label can track the journeys of individual bolts of cloth from the creation of the thread to the delivery into store or to the customer’s home (via online deliveries) of the finished items of clothing or accessories.