Contactless not universally convenient - K3 Viewpoint - K3

Not long ago it was only at small independent coffee shops located in places like London’s Soho and trendy Shoreditch, towards the capital’s eastern end, where cash was regarded as a little bit of an unwelcome commodity. After ordering your flat white you would immediately be presented with a card payment device with the expectation that you would be paying by contactless.

To then pull out a note or some coins was almost a faux pas in these stylish, too-cool-for-cash establishments. Over time I have fallen in-line when in such places and now automatically pull out my card for payment.

This move towards paying by contactless has gone on a real tear of late with exponential growth experienced to the point that an evening out will now invariably involve me not requiring cash for the entire evening. In particularly busy places it is clear that attempting to pay by cash is something of an annoyance to the rushed-off-their-feet employees.

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