Customers are no longer always right - K3 Viewpoint - K3

One of the retail industry’s long-established maxims is that the customer is always right. But maybe this is no longer the case. In a relatively simple world it was something that retailers could largely comply with but now that things have become a whole lot more complicated it might be the case that they are no longer always right.

It is certainly time to take a look at how they can be helped to be right, because some of the things that they are demanding are increasingly being seen as the wrong things. We are mainly talking about areas related to sustainability and the environment, which is rocketing up the agenda.

It was interesting to hear Guy Singh-Watson, founder of Riverford, talk about this at the recent World Retail Congress in Amsterdam. He suggests that we are in an environment where the customer is insufficiently informed to make the right decisions. They cannot be deemed to be right if their demands are leading to retailers causing damage to the environment.

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