Enhancing the physical proposition - K3 viewpoint - K3

If only it were possible to go on holiday without the aggravation of packing clothing and then lugging cases around as you travel to the accommodation and then unpacking these items before repeating the process in reverse at the end of the break.

If you have the financial resources then you can simply pay people to handle these chores for you but for mere mortals the online clothing rental service Rent the Runway is providing a glimpse of what the future might look like for those people with merely average financial firepower.

It has partnered with four W Hotels properties to allow guests to pay a flat fee to rent a selection of outfits for the duration of their stay. The items can be selected online by personal style preference as well as things such as the weather during their stay. The selected clothing will be delivered to the guest’s room prior to their arrival.

This is yet another example of how hotels are enhancing their proposition through additional value-added services. This is the rationale behind Westin Hotels’ partnership with connected indoor cycle company Peloton whose bikes are not only being placed in some of the hotel chain’s gyms but can also be allocated to guest’s rooms for the duration of their stay.

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