Hats off to the K3 Academy team - K3

The K3 Academy’s graduation is upon us. I caught up with some of the team to see what projects they have been working on, how their final assessments went and reflect on their past 8 months as part of the K3 family.

Reflection: why did you apply to the Academy programme?

“With the promise of a well-structured training programme in a niche area of the technology sector, and space to grow and evolve my career. I couldn’t wait to get started” explains Mina.

Zahra states “I was keen to apply my business knowledge gained at university to projects, and of course gain other commercial skills to be able to become a functional consultant.”

Ben reflects, “I had progressed in my previous role and was looking to specialise. I was particularly attracted by the opportunity to rise to new challenges.”

What was the assessment process?

In March 2015, the Academy were set a task that involved presenting fortnightly to the senior AX team over eight weeks. In the first two presentations, they had to talk about something relevant to their work over that period, and for the latter two they presented AX demonstrations.

Doug felt he learnt more about his personal skills, business processes and had a deeper understanding of specific areas within AX, which helped him prepare for the final assessment presentation which took place at the end of June.

For their final assessment they each had to present an hour long AX demonstration to the AX senior management team. Presenting for a full hour is a challenge for an experienced individual so the Academy were really put to test.

X Factor Moment: Do the Academites have the X Factor?

With the anticipation to see if they have passed, the team said it felt like an X Factor moment, waiting to see if you have got through to the next stage. The feedback started with the feared…how did you feel it went? Followed by suspense of the panel explaining the criteria and what they were looking for, and the anticipation was building, then their moment of glory came…being told – yes you have passed!

What did they get out of the K3 Academy?

The team felt that the different formats of training gave a good introduction to consultancy and also to the world of AX. They felt the various activities have given them a good understanding of how K3 operates as a business and how the different areas of the business support each other to function as a whole.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Upon completion of the Academy, Mina is looking forward to dedicating her time to the Charles Tyrwhitt project, acting as support to the project manager. “I would like to gain as much experience as possible over the coming years and hope to advance from a supporting role to being an independent project manager, Mina said.”

After graduation, Ben and Doug wish to continue spending time on a broad range of projects to gain experience of how different businesses operate. Ben summarises “it would be easy to assume after one project that all customers operates in the same, textbook way, however, but as different businesses have different needs and will have different processes to support this”.

Zahra, sums up her experience, “the K3 Academy has provided me with valuable training which has laid a foundation to the start of my career. I now see myself being able to progress within K3 and become a knowledgeable and skilful consultant which will then in turn help me reach my goal of becoming a business analyst.”

The K3 Academy has given the team invaluable experience and a fantastic way to learn a remarkable amount in a relatively short space of time. Congratulations on graduating and becoming fully fledged Junior Consultants.