Charity retail software plus gift aid solutions with K3
Charity Retail

Charity Retail and K3?

We already work with some of the best-known charity retailers. We help them approach retail just as effectively as their professional competitors – focusing on loyalty, branding, merchandising, marketing and above all, a consistently satisfying customer experience.

Discover cost-effective, scalable and proven technologies with functionality to support Gift-Aid declaration, donations and more.

  • Connect volunteers, channels and operations.
  • Easy integration with Gift Aid.
  • Gain a single view of your operation.
  • Built-in flexibility: Technology to fit your requirements now, and respond to your next challenge.
  • Total support: a unique end-to-end package with round the clock support.

A flexible gift aid approach

We know that flexibility is a key factor for many of the charities we work with, which is why we’ve worked with BMcAzzuri for a Gift Aid Solutions suitable for charities of all sizes. Whether you are looking to handle your Gift Aid administration internally, outsource it all to a third party, or to work on a combined approach, we are confident that we hold the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Many of the Gift Aid solutions currently available in the marketplace were initially designed for the traditional retail sector and have subsequently been adapted to fit the needs of the Charity sector. This has resulted in over-complex systems, which often come with a high price point. As a result, charities often find it difficult to obtain a return on investment from these solutions within a short to medium time frame.

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