K3 Blog named a Top 40 Retail Blog by Market Inspector - K3

In order to remain successful, companies must keep up with current trends and be aware of what is new in the world of retail technology, how to approach new customers and gain their loyalty.

Market Inspector has scoured the internet to bring together 40 blogs to gather inspiration from, in order for retailers to educate themselves on current hot topics and observe what competitors are doing in the market. K3 is an informal company blog, looking at events and news from the world of retail and technology. It is one the largest retail blogs covering numbers of topics about whatever comes to mind regarding the retail industry.

We are thrilled to receive a nod from Market Inspector, which provides information for retailers to make the best decision for their business. K3 truly keeps a finger on the pulse of the retail and technology world by covering such a wide array of industry news and events.

Natalie Bruins, Head of Marketing, K3