Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Fact Sheet - K3

Delivering customer experiences is top of mind for every retail organisation, and the use of technology is a talisman for the delivery of this. Building on the Microsoft vision around a desire for ‘more personal computing,’ retail is at the forefront as retailers respond to the need for customers to shop in a mode, on a device, and at time convenient to them.

Offering a frictionless and rewarding experience to your customers regardless of their shopping style during the purchase cycle is a key differentiator to keep them coming back to you, with increasing their spend, their frequency and be-coming advocates of your brand being your reward for their trust in you.

Offering the right tools to your customers and associates to enable this is of para-mount importance, whether it’s the in-store experience arming associates with intelligent tools to deliver exemplary service, to providing scalable computing through the cloud to enable high, but elastic volumes of computing needs as customers use their own devices to transact.

  • Grow at your pace: helps your businesses grow at your pace with the choice and flexibility to modernize your business.
  • Transform business faster: enables businesses to simplify and speed up their business processes.
  • Make smarter decisions quicker: empowers your people to make smarter decisions quicker, so they are ready for anything.

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