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Books and vinyl records should have been consigned to the dustbin by now – brushed aside by the digital revolution – if the earlier forecasts were to have been believed. But they are having something of a renaissance in just the same way as the seemingly dead milkman is also having a bit of a return to life.

The last memories I have of the milkman my parents used was of his milk float delivering not only glass bottles of milk but also a variety of other things including breads, soft drinks, yogurts and other foodstuffs.

It is in this broader role of home delivery provider for various goods that is helping the milkman (and I’m sure milk women too nowadays) make a return to our streets. Among the firms riding this burgeoning wave is Milk & More that describes itself as a ‘farm shop on wheels’. It provides around 200 locally sourced food products that can be ordered online up until 9pm for delivery the next morning at around 7am.

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