Online influencers boost cosmetics sales in Ireland - K3

The beauty industry in Ireland has shown significant growth in recent years with revenues in 2018 up 4.02% on 2017. According to Statista, revenue in the Cosmetics segment is anticipated to grow a further 3.9% annually between 2018- 2021.

A huge part of the increase in popularity is down to the impact that social media influencers are having, particularly on younger generations. Generation Z are often referred to as the ‘most tech-savvy generation’, so it’s no surprise that they’re turning to online channels like YouTube and Instagram for inspiration and guidance. People are showing more interest in using make-up to both maintain their image and express their individuality.

From make-up tutorials to inspirational looks, consumers are investing large amounts of time watching content online. Here are just some examples of the influencers out there right now:

  • ‘The Beauty Boys of Instagram’ are pushing the boundaries and smashing gender-based beauty ideals with make-up tutorials, cosmetics knowledge and awe-inspiring looks.
  • Irish blogger Suzanne Jackson has such strong influence that any products she recommends on her blog are out of stock right away.
  • Popular beauty YouTuber Chloe Boucher is racking up over 3 million views on her hair and make-up tutorials

Make-up is more accessible than ever before, and it’s all good news for Ireland’s beauty and cosmetics sales!

The beauty scene in Ireland right now

Trends such as highlighting, contouring and well-defined eyebrows are driving the beauty industry in Ireland. There has also been a strong growth in the sales of lip products such as lip fillers and lip kits. The trend has risen due to the influence of online celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who became a self-made billionaire by selling lip kits. In fact, a recent survey found that 28% of Irish females have undergone lip filler treatments, while 89% stated that they would not negatively judge a woman for having cosmetic surgery.

One brand that dominates the beauty industry and use social media to promote their brand and product is Beauty Bay. The beauty and skincare brand is influenced by products that their customers want and love. Beauty Bay are exceptional at using their website to reach consumers.  On their website, their ‘dare to share’ section displays 100s of pictures of makeup looks snapped by customers with images of the product used linked directly below the makeup look to assist customers in finding the products used to achieve the look. This also encourages their customers to share online makeup looks they create using Beauty Bay products.

Other brands such as Dermalogica, Sam McCauley and KHS Hair and Beauty have also benefited from this trend. In particular, fashion retailer Pennys has released its own makeup line as well as stocking the So Sue Me contour and highlighting palette from Irish blogger Suzanne Jackson.

With many brands constantly providing Irish consumers with new beauty products and social media influencers using social media as a tool for reviewing these products, it doesn’t look like the beauty industry in Ireland will slow down anytime soon. What do you think?