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Restaurants and other food service companies are having a tough time handling the explosive growth now being experienced in home delivery. Increasingly impatient – and lazy – customers demanding instant gratification are fuelling the growth in food delivered to the home.

The amount of meals cooked in the home is falling among younger people who find it massively more convenient to order their meals from an app and have it delivered to them within the hour. This is putting some stress on restaurants as they find their margins squeezed when having to give over some of their profits to the likes of Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Amazon’s Restaurants delivery service

What does not seem to have been debated is the impact the increased numbers of delivered meals is having on the sales of ready meals in supermarkets. The decision to buy a supermarket branded ready meal, which needs to be heated alongside side dishes, or a well known restaurant branded meal that is then delivered to the home seems an easy choice if the pricing is not massively dissimilar and the convenience aspect has been factored in.

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