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  • Retailers need to enhance office attractions to entice top employees – K3 Viewpoint

When starting out in work some years ago one of the perks was the three-course lunch provided free of charge to all employees in the company dining room. You had to pay for the beer and wine though!

While established businesses, like my old employer, have continued to strip out such soft benefits from their offices it has been the complete opposite at many of the younger firms – led by the technology companies. They have stuffed their offices with free canteens, coffee bars, games areas, gyms and even bars serving alcohol at the end of the day.

I wonder why it is that the old businesses have found it tough to recruit people while the younger cohort have managed to attract all the best candidates! Although free food and table football are not the only reason why people would join one company over another (I don’t think!), it is clear that these perks have proven to be elements of consideration for people when deciding where to pitch up for work.

While much of the focus to date has been on providing leisure-type activities for younger employees there is the start of a move to expand the attractions out to a broader base of employees as evidenced by the move of Goldman Sachs bank to incorporate a raft of family-friendly features into its planned new European headquarters in London.

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