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Key features

K3 for Retail is fully integrated retail software that’s comprehensive, yet fast and simple to use. It combines Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail technology into a single, highly capable platform. This helps you deliver a seamless, connected customer experience, integrating all your channels and activities. K3 for Retail eliminates complexity and saves you time, with only one supply chain to manage.

Customer loyalty

Segment your customers, drive returning business and attract new patrons with advantageous loyalty programs.

HQ, stores and POS

Total channel integration. This means you can track sales, stock and
productivity live on all your channels.

Online and mobile

Get a holistic view of your customers, orders and business and always be on top of all activity taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform and on mobile.

Sales and finance

The financial dashboard allows you to track and compare costs with other periods and other entities in your retail organization. You can track and manage sales on different levels such as store, hour of the day, product (group), customer segment and more.

Optional Bolt-On
Optional bolt-on

On top of K3 for Retail we offer additional functionality for Dutch fashion retailers, along with integration between retailers and wholesalers, so they can handle the complete stock for all channels.

K3 Fashion for Retail offers an integrated solution tailored to support the fashion industry with POS, retail back-office and e-commerce. This will help you streamline the supply chain management and logistics, sales, purchase and financial processes. K3 Fashion for Retail offers communication advantages that improve the service to, and loyalty and satisfaction of, your customers. By using K3 Fashion for Retail, you can simplify logistical processes in your organisation, enabling you to optimise sales and increase stock margins. The fully integrated POS with EFT functionality is unique to K3 for Retail.

Why K3 for Retail?

    • Global reach.
    • Integrated technology covering all retail processes.
    • Simple to use and fast.
    • Special features for Dutch market:


    1. o language and legal
    1. o payment options for POS
    1. o Dutch-focused retail reports
    1. o logistics connections to most common parcel deliveries
    1. o EDI solution

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K3 for Retail
K3 for Retail
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