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Key features

Our made to measure technology offers you a concept-to-consumer solution that is flexible and scalable, built on Microsoft Dynamics and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel industry.

Fully integrated

The ready-to-go functionality means minimal back-end configuration, for quicker implementation and ROI.

Connecting with every touch point

K3|fashion can be the full fashion retail outfit, connecting with every touch point internally and externally. It can be modular, to integrate with your current system (from mobile POS and payment, to logistics and fulfilment). It can be dedicated to certain fashion sectors and implementation processes.

Insight and control

Gain an indispensable, tailored environment that gives you insight and control over all your processes and channels to market. The pre-configured, customised tools improve efficiency, agility and productivity.

Faster time to value

The out-of-the-box fashion functionality means no need for extensive back-end configuration, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.

Customised tools

Ready to work with pre-configured tools to align to specific fashion tasks and processes, boosting agility and productivity.


Why K3|fashion?

  • Transparent, role-based data accessible from anywhere
  • Shorter decision cycles, quicker response to change
  • Improved enterprise-wide and supplier collaboration
  • A purpose-designed solution on a familiar interface
  • Real-time visibility into all processes across all channels
  • Integration into mission-critical point solutions
  • Reduced complexity, increased efficiency
  • Preconfigured for fashion-specific business models, processes and tasks
  • Includes functionality to handle product management, wholesale and retail

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